C.T.E. Center Grant

A federal stimulus package titled the Federal Coronavirus Career and Technical Education (C.T.E.) Capital Projects Grant was released in June by the federal government.  North Dakota received 70 million dollars to give to school districts and C.T.E centers to either update an existing Center or build new Centers.  The first deadline is October 1, leaving districts and centers a short application timeframe to be considered for the grant.

Career and Technical Centers are usually a group of school districts that come together to bring more opportunities for students who wish to take C.T.E. courses such as Agricultural Education, Automotive, Information Technology, Health Sciences, FACS, Aviation, Graphic Arts, Welding Technology and more.  Currently, New Salem-Almont belongs to a virtual C.T.E center, as do many schools in North Dakota.  This grant however, is specifically for brick and mortar and adding on to a CTE program.

This grant may give the New Salem Almont School District a unique opportunity to update the existing Vocational Education program and shop, as well as provide additional C.T.E. opportunities for students.

After discussion at the regular school board meeting on July 19, 2021, the School Board gave its blessing to administration to move forward with the application process.  If the New Salem-Almont district is awarded this grant, we can withdraw at any time if it is not in the best interest of the school district.

 If approved, belonging to this C.T.E. Center means NSA students will continue to take the C.T.E. electives like they have been doing but through a different organization.  Belonging to this Center will hopefully provide students more opportunities for hands-on experience without busing students to another location. 

Along with the enhanced curriculum advantages, there are monetary advantages. In addition to the matching funds to build a shop, another benefit of belonging to a C.T.E. Center are reimbursement rates from the state.  The reimbursement rate for a Center is 13% more than for an individual school district plus we may be reimbursed for some or all costs associated with the program including supplies and equipment.

 The district will work with Mandan, Beulah, Hebron and other area schools to create a C.T.E Center and apply for the C.T.E 50-50 matching grant.  If approved, Mandan would be the main location of the C.T.E. Center.  The New Salem-Almont district could receive up to $700,000 (matched by N.S.A. for a total of 1.4 million) to build a detached shop between the fitness center and the north side of the high school. 

Why 1.4 million?  Due to the large number of districts applying for this grant, there is a good chance we would be awarded less than the amount requested.  Taking this and rising building costs into consideration, 1.4 million is a safeguard to ensure we have enough money to meet our needs, knowing that we may spend less to build the detached shop.  If we are awarded the grant and don’t spend the amount awarded, we are only matched what is actually spent to build the shop.  If the awarded amount is too low, and isn’t in the best interest of the district, we can withdraw.

This summer PVE space concerns were addressed by moving the 6th grade to the high school; I hope this grant will help address another need and give NSA an opportunity to improve upon and add to our C.T.E. student offerings.

Please contact me with questions or concerns you may have regarding this grant and I will do my best to answer your questions and/or hear your thoughts on the matter and to help us move forward.