Cognia 5-Year Review Results 

In the beginning of October, the New Salem-Almont School District virtually hosted it’s 5-year school improvement review.  The review was completed  through  Cognia  which  utilized four educators from outside our district to evaluate the goals that we chose as well as our policies and learning practices.  The review team sifts through documents, interviews a wide range of stakeholders, and then gives us a report on areas we do well and what we can work on.  Also included in this report is the district score. To see the official report, go to the school’s website located under Parent Resources.  Cognia scores school districts on a scale of 100-400 based on an “index of educational quality.” The average of all Cognia Improvement evaluations over the last five years is 278.34-283.33; New Salem-Almont scored 317.26 which is considered impactful, the highest category 

Using the feedback from Cognia, we are looking to add three school improvement goals, but we need your help. Cognia provided us with five options, and we would like to provide all stakeholders with the opportunity to provide input on which three are most important.  Please go to this link to take the survey: We appreciate your help and thank you to those that volunteered this fall.