Heart River CTE Committee:

New Salem-Almont School District has been working with a number of area schools for the past six months to receive a matching grant to fund the Heart River Career and Technical Center located in Mandan.  A few of the area schools involved, including New Salem – Almont, have proposed using this grant to construct a new building (shop) to house the current Vocational Agriculture program.  If accepted, the grant would pay for half of the new building; N.S.A. would match the other half using funds set aside for this purpose.    

 The consortium addressed the federal government’s health monitoring provision for a new or existing C.T.E. Center, and met the revised submission deadline of December 30, 2021.  After submission, the application will be scored based on a rubric and the district should know if it is approved by January 24, 2022.  In preparation of the news, the Board adjusted it's regular January board meeting for January 24 with the hopes of discussing the results of the grant.

At the December school board meeting, the Board created a committee whose sole mission is to build a new Career and Technical shop.  Monica Reiner-Pletan, Austin John, and Meagan Miller are the Board members who will serve on this committee.   

The district is seeking committee members from the community in addition to the above Board members.  If you have experience or knowledge that you feel may be helpful in building a new shop and would like to be a part of this committee, please take time to fill out the short application located at https://forms.gle/psBHNDf79QBv...  Community members MUST complete and submit the application to be considered for the committee.    

 We are hopeful that the grant will be approved; however, there is a contingency plan in place if it is not that would provide additional revenue for this project without calling for an increase in taxes. 

Please reach out to one of the Board members on the committee or call Brian Christopherson at 701-843-7610 with any questions.