New Salem-Almont is required to offer a Distance Learning program for students who choose not to attend school face-to-face for Covid-19 reasons. Distance learning for Prairie View (Kindergarten-5th) will be offered through Edmentum for the Spring Semester. This program is widely used in North Dakota schools for distance learning and intervention. The program will supply parents or guardians with the curriculum for the semester as well as prerecorded videos for the student to watch for each lesson. Mrs. Bennett will be the “Principal/Contact Person” with this program if students/parents have any questions.


The Distance Learning program for grades 6-12 will continue through the North Dakota Center of Distance Education (NDCDE). This program has it’s own teachers who work with your students.  NDCDE teachers have virtual offices where students can schedule an appointment to receive help.  Distance Learning through NDCDE is not for everyone, in fact, approximately half of our 1st semester students are struggling to finish up the NDCDE classes on time so please put some serious thought into this option before making a decision. 


Students in grades 7-12 that need to be quarantined due to Covid-19 will use Microsoft Teams so they do not get too far behind.  During quarantine, students will be required to join Teams each class period unless he/she is too sick to attend.  If he/she is too sick, the parent needs to contact the school so we know why they are not attending.  Teams is NOT for students who want to take the day or week off of school.  Microsoft Teams is also not for students that miss a day due to a doctor’s appointment or if they are sick.  Students that miss a day or two of school will need to make up missed work when they return.  We have discovered a few students are skipping school and abusing the online learning platform we have because they do not want to come to school.


The Distance Learning Link is located here (click here) or can be found on the school’s website for students in grades K-12 that want to attend the Distance Learning program the entire 2nd semester.  Remember, by signing up for the distance learning program, you are signing up for the entire 2nd semester. The deadline to fill out the survey is Wednesday, December 16.  If you have questions on NDCDE or our online learning programs, please contact the building principal.